Export Council of Australia Services and Programs

Members of the Export Council of Australia have access to a range of exporter and importers services and programs, including:

Export Services

Export Market Development Grants

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters. Administered by Austrade, the scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products, including inbound tourism and the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia.

The Export Council of Australia manages the Export Grants Consultants Group (ECG) a national group of consultants who abide by a code of conduct and are listed on the ECA and Austrade websites. Austrade statistics show that Australian exporters that engage ECG members to advise on EMDG and prepare their claims generate higher than average export grants, with smaller adjustments, and faster processing time.

Export Advice/ Support

The Export Council of Australia is your support agency for any queries or assistance you require in matters relating to International Trade. The Export Council of Australia has specialists in the following areas:

• Banking & Finance for Export and Import
• Freight and Logistics
• Market Access
• Channels to Market
• Export Market Development Grants
• Tradex
• Customs Export regulations
• International Freight Forwarding
• Export Shipping
• Free Trade Agreements
• Credit Insurance
• Export  Procedures and Documentation
• Certificate of Origin
• Export Packaging

The Export Council of Australia works with a group of specialist partners who can assist you with issues pertaining to:
• Banking and Finance
• Foreign Exchange
• International Distribution Agreements
• International Partnership Agreements
• International Sales Contracts
• Consumer Law and your overseas obligations
• International Trade Law
• Intellectual Property
• International Tax
• International Standards
• Accessing the US market
• Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation for overseas markets
• International Freight Forwarding
• Understanding Market Culture
• Country risk and economic research
• Credit Insurance
• Setting up an Office Overseas
• International Sanctions,  Bribery & Corruption Legislation

If you have an import or export query please take advantage of the following support services:

• Contact the National office of the Export Council of Australia on 1300 361 526
• On-line support query through the Export Council of Australia website
• Access to our experienced referral network

Multimedia Channel

The Export Council of Australia has an extensive multimedia channel which includes podcasts, videos, webinar archives and an export blog that Export Council of Australia members can access to get the latest International Trade news. The multimedia channel is a great resource for exporters on the road overseas for much of the year as you can download past webinars or podcasts or catch up on the latest export news.


The Export Council of Australia makes representations to and on behalf of exporters to appropriate decision makers on:
• Policies and regulatory measures impacting the international competitiveness of Australian industry
• The role of export promotion activities and programs which promote business development, encourage a greater outward orientation in industry  and support the marketing of Australian products and services in international markets
• The Government’s broader trade policy agenda including multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations.


The Export Council of Australia undertakes research to identify and quantify the issues affecting the development of profitable international trade activity by Australian exporters.

Event Programs

Exporters Club

The Future Leaders in Export Club is a community for importers and exporters run by the Export Council of Australia. Meeting once a month, the exporters club, FLEX, is a friendly forum to discuss your issues, ideas and problems, whether you are exporting or importing.

Meeting every month, the exporters group meets to discuss a particular topic led by an Industry expert. The consultation sessions are a great place to brainstorm/share problems, ideas, opportunities and success stories.


The Export Council of Australia runs networking events for members around Australia. Please refer to the Events Calendar on the Export Council of Australia website for further information on upcoming events.

Education & Training

Members of the Australian Export Council of Australia can access over 50 years experience through the range of education programs and publications offered by the Australian Institute of Export:

Short Professional Development Courses

Online Export Procedures and Documentation Course

This course provides an introduction to the export process and includes an ‘Exporting Perishables’ module covering the export of perishables and the role of AQIS in the export process. It can be commenced at any time – you will have three months to complete the course.

Export Procedures and Documentation Course

This short two or three day workshop provides you with the detailed practical information on the export process, documentation, packaging, export finance and payment, insurance, customs, and other export requirements, led by Industry experts.

Understanding Documentary Credits Course

This one day course provides importers and exporters with the current facts, tips and advice for using letters of credit as a payment method in your export or import transaction. Whether you are new to international trade or wanting to streamline your finance and operational procedures, this workshop will equip you with the documentary credit skills you need.

International Trade Law and Intellectual Property

International Trade Law is all about the management of risk and enforceability of rights. The areas of law that make up international trade law are essential tools in the armoury of exporters and importers and familiarity with the concepts will allow traders to negotiate with confidence.

Intellectual Property

What you can do to identify and protect your IP when selling offshore and avoiding costly infringements.

Online Import Procedures and Documentation Course

Essential knowledge for any business looking to import good, this online course includes successful importing strategies, import financing, freight forwarding, documentation, general and marine insurance and much more.


Australian Export Handbook

A comprehensive guide to the practical aspects of exporting essential for both new and experienced exporters, it is the ONLY publication in Australia that includes over 0 pages of comprehensive information and case studies on exporting. This book is published for the benefit of those engaged in any activity related to export: export managers, personnel involved with export documentation, shipping department staff, bank officers, freight forwarders, students.

Australian Import Handbook

A comprehensive guide to the practical aspects of importing essential for both new and experienced importers, it is the premier publication in Australia that includes comprehensive information on all aspects of the importing process, including case studies on importing.

International Trade Procedures

The International Procedures Guide is an excellent entry point text, in an easy to read style, for those embarking on export or import activities. Providing an outline of the key requirements in trade from:  Customs, Insurance, Trade Law, and IP, through to International Payments, FX options, Packing and the role of Forwarders & Customs Agents and more.  There are also case study documents for both importers and exporters.

Information on the Australian Institute of Export courses can be found at: www.aiex.com.au

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