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Looking for an experienced Australian exporting company or looking for a local importer? Search our import/export directory by industry in our comprehensive list of Australian companies. If you would like further information on how to list your company on the Australian Institute of Export website please contact us on 1300 361 526 or e-mail info@aiex.com.au.

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2M Language Services

Website: http://www.2m.com.au/
Phone: +61 7 3367 8722
Category: Professional Services

2M Languages Services offers high quality translations into over 155 languages, website localisation & apps, multilingual publications, transcreation & postediting, simultaneous conference interpreting, cross cultural training, foreign language voice over production & dubbing and subtitles and all other language services. 

With an overseas office in Paris 2M also provides export marketing and works actively with Australian exporters in providing them with a presence, market research, corporate communications and general assistance across Europe and Africa.

With a track record in assisting mining clients, 2M is also very active in China & other Asian countries including Mongolia as well as Latin American countries.

Key specialties include: 
  • Translation 
  • Conference and simultaneous interpreting 
  • Voice over production, subtitling and dubbing 
  • Cross cultural training 
  • Multilingual DTP& typesetting 
  • Language services 
  • Export marketing 
  • Transcreation 
  • Localization

2M Language Services
PO Box 340
Paddington QLD 4064
+617 3367 8722

Email: multimedia@2m.com.au
Blog: 2m.com.au/blog 

Absolute Translations

Website: www.absolutetranslations.com.au
Phone: 1800 500 791
Category: Professional Services

Translations, Multimedia and Marketing 

No one does it better, they say. This sound reputation didn’t just fall from the skies. 

The team at Absolute Translations are a bunch of hard-working, experienced and motivated professionals who help you cross boundaries, open doors and – why not – even conquer the world.

How? With tailored advice, a passion for languages and a broad cultural knowledge.  Translation, transcreation, copywriting, postediting, desktop publishing, conference interpreting, voice-over and subtitling: Absolute Translations is your worldly and versatile business partner. 

Let us do your marketing!

Today it’s all about content marketing.  If you’re looking for your business to cross language barriers, ensure your content is a hit in all languages. Good content quite simply translates into higher revenues. Think Apple, where the content is spot-on in all languages. Our aim is for your communication to score, regardless of the language. Probably the best motivation in the world. 

Our secret recipe? A combination of carefully selected native qualified translators and industry professionals.

We offer the following services:

• Translation
• Editing & Postediting
• Audiovisual Production
• Conference Interpreting
• Copywriting & Transcreation
• Typesetting & Desktop Publishing
• Web Localisation & Apps Translation
• Cross-cultural Training & Focus Group Testing



Toll Free
1800 500 791

Level 34 AMP Centre
50 Bridge St
+61 2 8216 0736
Level 2 Docklands
710 Collins St
+61 3 8820 5604        
Level 19 AMP Place
10 Eagle St
+61 7 3303 8527
Level 24 AMP Tower
140 St Georges Tce
+61 8 6205 3015

Academies Australasia

Website: www.aca.nsw.edu.au
Phone: + 61 2 9224 5500
Category: Education & Training

Academies Australasia is the flagship operation of a group that has been in business for more than 100 years, with a long and successful experience in education – going back in excess of 50 years when Clarendon Business College first began operating on Sydney’s North Shore.

The group was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange more than 30 years ago. Being public listed means that apart from having to meet the well regarded and carefully supervised standards of the international education market, their colleges must also comply with the strict financial and reporting regulations of the Australian Stock Exchange.

The Colleges

There are seven colleges, each a separate company with its own licence to operate as an education institution - Academies Australasia College in Singapore and six colleges in Australia:

• Academy of English (ELICOS) [Including Academy of English (Blue Mountains) and Academy of English (Barton)]
• Australian International High School (Senior High School)
• Academy of Social Sciences (Vocational)
• Australian College of Technology (Vocational)
• Clarendon Business College (Vocational) [Including Clarendon Business College (Barton)]
• Supreme Business College (Vocational)


Academies Australasia colleges offer a wide range of recognised courses at different levels – typically Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Fields of study include:

Singapore Government School Preparatory Programmes

• General English (Elementary to Upper Intermediate)
• English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
• TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS preparation
• Cambridge First Certificate in English preparation
• Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
• Senior High School: Year 11 and Year 12
• Accounting & Financial Services
• Business Administration
• Business Management
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Telecommunications
• Travel and Tourism
Bachelor Degree: Business Administration

Articulation and Advanced Standing
Academies Australasia colleges have arrangements with leading higher education institutions whereby students are eligible for course credits – which save both time and money. The graduates of the colleges have successfully enrolled for degrees at prestigious institutions such as Macquarie University, Sydney University, University of New South Wales and University of Technology, Sydney, and graduates have found success in a wide range of professions and businesses, including Accounting, Information Technology and Web Design, and Travel and Tourism.


Academies Australiasia has strong alliances with education institutes in Australia and overseas. Overseas, partnership arrangements are with prestigious institutions such as Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and Tianjin Radio & TV University in China, Thompson Rivers University in Canada, and Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education in South Korea.

Academies Australasia
Level 6, 505 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
P: +61 2 9224 5500
E: info@aca.nsw.edu.au
W: www.aca.nsw.edu.au

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