For those new to export it is suggested you seek out a freight forwarder who can advise on items such as:

• Cost and frequency of shipments to your overseas buyers, and the options for LCL/FCL shipment 
• The availability and the supply chain considerations when shipping perishables by ship or plane
• Essential documentation required for your destination
• Customs requirements at the destination
• Clearance documentation for exit from Australia. 
To search a freight forwarder please visit: and to search for a customs broker please visit:


Documentation plays a more critical role in export transactions than in domestic business. In a number of payment methods for export the timeliness and accuracy of documents is inextricably linked to receipt of payment, in fact documentary errors may mean non-payment. 
• Documents required for export may include, Commercial Documents, Documents required by Exporting Country, Documents required by Importing Country, Special Documents, Transport Documents.
• An export shipment may require one or more documents from each category.
• Documentation can be a complex area and it is important to understand this area either by having trained staff or by outsourcing this function to a documentation specialist.
• A number of software programs are available that can assist with the documentation process.
• Throught the Australian Institute of Export, you can enroll for recognised training in the area of documentation and also operates an information service providing access to experts who can answer your questions.

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