Agribusiness Deregulation Hub

• Australian agribusinesses export around 60% of their total gross value farm production, it is therefore of utmost importance that government and key stakeholders monitor export policies in order for Australia to remain internationally competitive.

• The Productivity Commission’s 2007 research found that primary producers perceive a high regulatory burden compared with their international competitors

• Australia’s International Business Survey 2014 found 40% of respondents stated a lack of information on local regulation and tariffs as a key barrier faced in their export activities. A further 30% of respondents claimed domestic regulatory compliance is an important factor that adversely affects Australia’s international competitiveness, with 13% of respondents believing it was the most important inhibitor to their competitiveness.

• Export certification costs comprise $100 million in Australia per year

• Australia’s export legislation and requirements show inconsistencies on both state and federal levels

• In July 2014, the Australian government enforced more stringent regulations on live animal exports, including increased document processing, inspection and certification requirements, and an overall increase in regulatory fees and charges of 66%.

There is a fundamental lack of research, both qualitative and quantitative, on international trade activity in Australia. The hub will bring together primary producers and industry experts to quantify the cost of the export regulations and identify areas of unnecessary red tape that could be eliminated, resulting in reduced compliance costs. 

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