Customs Policy and Procedures Working Group

The Customs Policy and Procedures Working Group provides input to the Export Council of Australia Board, the Government Relations Sub-committee and Export Council of Australia Management on Customs Policy and Procedures across all export industry sectors. The Customs Policy and Procedures group plays a major role in research and will be the conduit through which information is fed through to other industry-based organisations (Association Partners) with whom the Export Council of Australia has a formal relationship.

The international business environment today means that exporters have to watch every margin cent in order to maintain a healthy business. Effective Management of the supply chain has never been more important. The Export Council of Australia is acutely aware of the issues and challenges facing exporters. To effectively address this the ECA works closely with the Australian Logistics Council, Australia's peak Freight and logistics body. The ALC is focused on two key aspects of F&G namely infrastructure and regulation two primary drivers of cost in the supply chain. With ALC as a key ally ECA is able to participate in high level debate, research and provide input to policy. The collectively influence of these bodies is high meaning that export related issues get to the right people increasing the potential for the flow of positive outcomes.

The Customs Policy and Procedures Working Group will work with Industry and Government Agencies on:

• Trade facilitation, including the streamlining of documentary requirements, & harmonization of border management procedures)
• Cost reduction

Joining an Industry Working Group

Industry Working Groups will be run and managed by the Group members.  Working Group members do not have to be ECA Board or Council members but must be members of the Export Council of Australia. Participants will be invited based on their skill, knowledge and enthusiasm for making a real contribution to their industry.  Group members may be invited to join the Government Relations Sub-committee.

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